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Turnaround Time Matters When It Comes To Completing Home Improvement Projects

Posted by Meagan Steinberg on Jul 2, 2019 4:41:49 PM

Home Improvement Projects That Give You The Best Return On Investment In The Shortest Amount Of Time

When it comes to home improvement projects, do you consider what can make the BIGGEST difference in the SHORTEST amount of time? In addition to that, do you also consider what is going to require the least amount of prep work on your part?? Replacing your garage door pays for itself when it comes to your return on investment, but it also can be accomplished quickly without much prep work or physical labor from the homeowner!

When you start thinking about home improvement projects that are on your list such as building a deck, re-doing a kitchen or bathroom or landscaping around the house, not only are these projects costly, but they require quite a bit of time and effort from you!

If you’re wondering what project you could choose that would provide the best return on investment AND be a project you could accomplish in a short amount of time but still provide a big impact, replacing your garage door tops this list!! According to Cost Vs. Value Magazine, replacing your garage door has ranked as one of the top projects for getting your best return on investment since 2010-11. When you weigh your pros and cons, wouldn’t you rather choose a project that doesn’t require much time and energy on your part? Typically for customers who work with The Door People at Overhead Door Company of Mason City, you can pick out a new garage door, get it ordered and the turnaround time to get it installed for you is roughly two weeks. You may head to work one day, and arrive back home and that new garage door is installed and working for you! No hassle or time spent trying to save money by completing the project yourself such as we sometimes do like ripping out old carpet, removing stubborn wallpaper, digging up nasty unwanted bushes and trees, etc. You have to admit that the idea of having the project taken care of for you is a nice option! And in the case of replacing your garage door, chances are it takes a professional a fraction of the time to install the garage door correctly than what it would take you or a handyman to accomplish over the weekend. Overhead Door Company of Mason City can remove and haul your old garage door away so you don’t have to worry about how to dispose of it.


DoorView Garage Door Design Tool

If you aren’t sure what garage door would look best with your existing home, we have an interactive tool that allows you to upload a picture of your house and try on different styles and colors! You have the ability to save the picture and then compare it with other styles and colors. It’s a great tool to help you visualize what you’re options are.

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