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Schedule Service For Your Garage Door Before Your Kids Go Back To School

Posted by Meagan Steinberg on Jul 23, 2019 11:20:00 AM

Schedule Routine Maintenance On Your Garage Door Before School Starts

Where has the summer gone?! It has flown by, which it usually does. With your kids heading back to school later this month, keep in mind that this is an important time of year to make sure your garage door and operator are running smoothly. Most families are juggling busy work, school, and extra-curricular activity schedules and are coming and going from their houses several times a day. The Door People at Overhead Door Company of Mason City know first-hand how inconvenient it is if your garage door or opener starts acting up.

Schedule Service
We recommend scheduling routine service on your garage door once a year! Most people don’t call us until they have a problem. Annual service allows an overhead door professional to examine the door, operator and all of the necessary parts that keep your garage door running. When The Door People at Overhead Door Company of Mason City provide routine service, they lubricate parts, check tension in your operator, make sure your door is in proper alignment, and look for any abnormal wear on the parts. While a professional cannot ever foresee a common problem such as a spring breaking, they can detect things such as fraying or loose cables, worn hinges or rollers, and determine if anything is binding which often causes squeaking or squealing when the door is moving. Keep problems from occurring and causing a headache for you and your family in the future. Click on the red button below to schedule service:

Schedule Service


Digital Wireless Keypad

Wireless Keypad
If you’re interested in adding more convenience to your garage door system, consider installing a wireless keypad. No need for remote controllers or keys! The Overhead Door® Digital Wireless Keypad provides secure door entry for up to three Overhead Door® garage door openers, while most competitive units we’ve seen can only work with one opener. Keypads are great for families that have children coming and going all day. It allows family members to enter and exit without leaving the garage door open for any extended period of time.

Door Report Remote

The Door Report™
Are you ever in a hurry and pull out of your garage, start driving to your destination and have no idea if you remembered to close your garage door? We have a handheld remote, called The Door Report which will tell you if your garage door shut! It beeps and flashes green when the garage door closes but if it does not close properly, a warning tone will sound and a red light will flash. The Door Report provides additional convenience, security and peace of mind for every outing. No more wondering whether you should turn around and drive back to your house to double check. The Door Report only works with Overhead Door’s new Odyssey® and Destiny® garage door openers that feature powerful motors to lift doors quickly and quietly.

Call us at 641-424-4114 or stop into our location at 225 18th St. SE in Mason City to purchase these garage door accessories or if we can answer your questions. We hope all of the kids, teachers and administration have a great school year!

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