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Replace Your Overhead Door’s Weather Strip To Minimize Air Flow This Time Of Year

Posted by Meagan Steinberg on Oct 22, 2019 11:01:25 AM


Replace Your Weather Strip On Your Overhead Doors To Minimize Air Flow


It’s October and as I’m writing this, we are dealing with windy conditions outside including 30-40 mph gusts. Cold air is here to stay, and one of the very best things you can do to minimize air flow in and out of your garage and/or shop space is to replace the astragal (rubber strip along the bottom of your overhead door(s)) and the weather strip that goes around the perimeter. There are two kinds of weather strip, brush and vinyl (pictured above). We carry, install and replace both kinds. Both are designed to minimize the amount of warm air inside your space from escaping outside, and allowing colder air to find its way in.

Over time, the astragal and weather strip can become brittle, bent and miss-shaped. The result is it’s less effective from serving its purpose of minimizing that air flow. Replacing it is cost effective and you can either have an overhead door professional do it, or cash and carry it and do it yourself. It all depends on your preference. If you are interested in picking it up at our location in Mason City and installing it yourself, the best thing you can do is bring in a small chunk of your old astragal and weather strip so we know what size you need. We carry a variety of kinds and sizes and want to be sure we send you home with the right kind that will fit for your door(s).

 brush weather strip Vinyl

What Is The Difference Between Vinyl and Brush Weather Strip?

The main difference between vinyl and brush is simply the material it’s made out of. If you use vinyl, it comes in variety of colors so that it can match the color of your overhead door. The brush comes in black. Some customers choose vinyl over the brush, because they want to match the color of their garage door vs. having the brush in black show up around the perimeter of the door. It can be a cosmetic choice over performance, whereas brush tends to perform better than vinyl when it comes to minimizing that air flow. Vinyl can become brittle from rain, sun, snow and ice, whereas the bristles in the brush can spread apart over time. They both lose their ability to flex back in place resulting in gaps, which is why it is important to replace it on a regular basis. Some people replace it each year, some go longer than that. One of the best ways to determine if you need to replace it is to simply examine it. Do you see cracks or gaps?

If you have questions or are ready to replace your astragal and weather strip, you can call us at 641-424-4114 or stop in to our location at 225 18th St. SE in Mason City.

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