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Enjoy The Fall Air With A Screen For Your Garage!

Posted by Meagan Steinberg on Aug 29, 2019 3:19:03 PM

Enjoy Fall Air With A Lifestyle Screen

Cooler weather is in the air and for a lot of people, fall is their favorite time of year! Humidity is lower than what we battle in the summer, the air is crisp and fresh and most of us enjoy spending as much time outside as we can before the dreaded winter sets in. Make the best of it and put a screen on your garage door! Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs and leaves out of your garage!

The Door People at Overhead Door Company of Mason City are here to help you enjoy fall weather by installing a screen on your garage! This Lifestyle Screen, which is a fully retractable, spring loaded garage screen system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door. Transform your garage into an airy, pest and bug free space in a quick second!

The Lifestyle Screen is framed with 2” x 2” architectural grade aluminum with a wet painted shell for a durable and consistent finish. The screen runs on maintenance free tracks, independent but similar to your primary garage door track. Its spring loaded counter balance system makes it effortless to open and close the screen while eliminating the hassle of needing an electric opener. This screen comes with an option of having a walk-in door feature which allows for easy entry and exit. When the screen is down, it has the same position as your garage door has. The Lifestyle Screen has a broad range of features and is available in white and brown frame colors. It comes in 7’ and 8’ tall sizes and 8’, 9’, 10’ 16’ and 18’ wide. There are a number of options available when it comes to the screen material you can have. Your choices are:

  • Standard (18 x 14) Fiberglass Screen in charcoal – this is a great choice for maximum airflow and is available in the white and brown frame.
  • Optional (17 x 20) PVC Coated Polyester Screen in white – this offers the maximum durability, privacy, and is pet resistant. Available in the white frame only.
  • Optional (17 x 20) PVC Coated Polyester Screen in black – Maximum durability, pet resistant. Available in the white and brown frame.

To learn more about Lifestyle Screens visit www.LifestyleScreens.com. In the meantime, if you’d like to receive a quote on a Lifestyle Screen for your garage, click on the red button below or call us at 641-424-4114:

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